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( links ) Information look of the Internet that is useful with the lesson of science URL order
( the Landscape 360) Let's try to see the lay of the land with 360 degree, panorama and 3D etc. various method!
( Robots contest ) "Room of science" conference room plan, robot contest all reports of NIFTYSERVEF KYOIKUS
( suggestion experiment ) The introduction of the experiment etc., unique experiments that used the experiment, a familiar appliance that do even oh Text version
( spot ) Map of a field trip ground/facility concerning the science of the whole country
( naruhodo no mori ) Science experiments that is made in the home of yumiko mori English edition French edition
( solidarity of the star sky ) Let's look at the same night sky in Japanese whole country/world!
( practice DataBase ) Information and practices for a lesson
( acquisition DataBase ) Lesson of science is done furthermore attractively and the acquisition information of a unique experiment material
( science education software ) Software regarding science education
[rika no heya] off Report of an offline meeting of a [rika no heya]
( chat room ) Let's chatter with the Internet.

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The first number of "chemistry education journal (CEJ)" was issued finally.It is only 'Internet version'.

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We send present scenery and weather information of the hometown, plateau Katsurao-mura of the Internet version [rika no heya].

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